Mission & Vision

BAE Theatre is committed to producing theatre featuring new artists in an effort to further cultivate a more captivating, diverse, and affordable theatre community in Los Angeles. 

The company aspires to motivate change in the individual, the community, and the world through the art of theatre.

About Us

BAE Theatre is an independent theatre company. The company operates out of various venues in the Los Angeles area, choosing the space best suited to their current production. BAE Theatre relies solely on the contributions of patrons and supporters to finance their performances. Even when times are tough, money is tight, and the world seems to be against us all, they remember to put theatre Before Anything Else, to tell stories that change lives. 

Emily Keaney and Isabella Petrini met while studying theatre in Los Angeles. They founded BAE Theatre in 2015 to create original works, mount new talent and writers, and to bring current themes to life through both classic and contemporary works.