Recent Tragic Events by Craig Wright was BAE Theatre's fall 2016 production at Atwater Playhouse.

It is the evening of September 12, 2001 in the Minneapolis apartment of Waverly Wilson, who in an attempt to retain some normalcy despite the overwhelming news coverage of the 9/11 attacks, prepares for a blind date with Andrew. The date is quickly derailed by Waverly's concern that she still has not heard from her twin sister, Wendy, a student in New York City. The evening is further complicated by visits from Waverly's eccentric neighbor, Ron, his quiet girlfriend, Nancy, and an especially surprising pop-in from her great aunt--renowned novelist Joyce Carol Oates. 

Cast: Chase Anderson-Shaw, Jeremy Jackson, Christopher Masucci, Isabella Petrini, Jessica Sabatini

Directed by: Emily Keaney

Produced by: Emily Keaney & Isabella Petrini

Creative Team: Brendan Haley, Justin Ryan Brown, Andrew Schmedake, Brionna Rowe, Shen Heckel, Noah Donner-Klein, Caitlin O'Brien

Special thanks to everyone at Atwater Playhouse, Susan Stangl, Alexandra Petro, Diana Oliva, Flora Petrini, Kaitlyn Smith, Erik Photenhauer, Mason Maguire, Brenda Philips, Tim Cubbison, Celia Rivera and DeSano Pizza. 


BAE Theatre's first show of 2016, Matt & Ben by Mindy Kaling and Brenda Withers had a successful run at The Attic Theatre before moving to the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival. 

Matt & Ben follows the beautiful friendship between young Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. When a mysterious script titled "Good Will Hunting” drops down from the heavens into the middle of Ben’s bachelor pad, they are forced to face the future of their careers, and their friendship, under circumstances beyond their wildest imaginations. Hilarity erupts; chaos ensues.

Cast: Celia Mandela, Isabella Petrini

Directed by: Bryn Woznicki

Produced by: Emily Keaney & Isabella Petrini 

Creative Team: Anthony Soto, Andrew Schmedake, Kenny Zhao, Tara Meyer, Emily Joe

Special thanks to everyone at The Attic Theatre, Sacred Fools Theatre, Rachel Manheimer, Susan Stangl, Jeremy Jackson, Caitlin O'Brien, Andy Futter-Carrol, Noah Donner-Klein, Brendan Haley, and Mason Maguire. 


BAE Theatre's first original production Missed Connections premiered at Theatre of Note as part of the 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival. Missed Connections was compiled by Isabella Petrini with real entries from the Los Angeles Craigslist Community. 

Cast: Jessica DeBruin, Brendan Haley, Marissa Hampton, Isabella Petrini, Brenda Phillips, Brandon Rachal, Mark Schroeder, Stephen Wattrus

Directed by: Isabella Petrini

Produced by: Emily Keaney & Isabella Petrini 

Special thanks to everyone at Theatre of Note, Emily Joe, Susan Stangl, and Nicole Kibbler.